Faculty Representatives: 
  • Amita Kamath
  • Chuck Pfaff
  • Nolan Kagetsu

Additional faculty wellness mentors are listed below in the document "BISLW Radiology Faculty Advisor"

Please feel free to reach out to any of these members with wellness related questions or concerns. 

This includes, but is not limited to topics such as the faculty mentorship program, protected trainee educational time, minimizing non-physician obligations, access to mental health resources, leave and coverage time, wellness curriculum, and other resident benefits.


  • Clinical and educational work periods for residents must not exceed 24 hours of continuous scheduled clinical assignments.
  • Up to 4 hours of additional time may be used for activities related to patient safety, such as providing effective transitions of care.
  • Hours worked </= 80 hours/week averaged over 4 weeks. 
  • Cannot work >27 hours, after 24 hours of patient care.



Personal Days

  • Each resident receives 4 personal days a year
    • DO NOT carry over annually, unless earned in the last 120 days of the year - so Memorial Day, and any emergency/coverage PD earned from March 1 to June 30
      • If earned in that time period, then may be used up to 30 days into the next academic year, so until July 30th
    • Extra personal days accrue after the holiday where you worked/were on vacation actually passes in accordance with article 8 of the CIR contract
  • Extra personal days:
    • Holidays - Residents receive an extra personal day for working on holidays, as well as any weekday (NOT weekend) holidays during your scheduled vacation 
    • Emergencies - Chiefs can allot extra personal days for last minute/emergency coverage
  • Notification deadlines/timeline:
    • Chiefs ( - Notify via email at least 3 days in advance. 
    • Covering attending(s) - Notify at least 3 days in advance. Out of courtesy, it is the resident's responsibility to remind the covering attending closer to the date/the same week of the PD, even if previously informed months in advance.
    • Last minute requests will be considered on a case by case basis, and are NOT guaranteed!!!
      • Especially true during popular holiday times (i.e. day after Thanksgiving). It's first come first serve, so it's in your best interest to request these as EARLY as possible.
  • Coverage
    • Residents are responsible for finding coverage for personal days taken during mandatory rotations*
      • Personal day requests MAY be declined if there is inadequate coverage
    • Personal days taken during Peds Rotation need additional clearance from MSH Chiefs
  • Other tips: 
    • If possible, avoid MEGA didactics day and should provide reason for having day off
    • You can not split a personal day into half days

 Sick days

  • Each resident receives 12 sick days per year that carry over
  • Finding COVERAGE = Required. 
    • Who is responsible? Resident, unless extenuating circumstances. Also, see below.
  • Three possible situations:
    • If a resident falls sick during a call shift: 
      • Coverage: Resident's responsibility.  Must work with the chief residents, to help find coverage unless there are extenuating circumstances. 
      • Notification: Should be made to BOTH 
        • (1) the attending you are working with AND also
        • (2) (includes the program director, program coordinator, chief residents).
    • If a resident falls sick unexpectedly <24 hours of a regular/daytime working shift: 
      • Coverage: Resident's responsibility. Must work with the chief residents, to help find coverage unless there are extenuating circumstances. 
      • Notification: Should be made to BOTH 
        • (1) the attending you are working with AND also
        • (2) (includes the program director, program coordinator, chief residents).
    • If a resident plans to use a sick day IN ADVANCE, within the bounds of NYC regulations: 
      • Coverage: Resident's responsibility.  Coverage should be found by the resident for that shift, especially if on a mandatory rotation.  
      • Notification: Should be made to Chiefs
        • Chiefs email:
        • (Strongly recommended) Ideally, closer to the date/same week, should also send a reminder/notify the attending you are working with/covering co-residents as a professional courtesy.
      • (Regulation link found here (click link), or also for PDF see Page 10, III. RIGHT TO AND NOTICE OF SAFE AND SICK LEAVE)
  • Residents need to be medically cleared if requesting 3 or more consecutive sick days
    • Please visit a clinician and have them sign the employee health medical clearance form. See below, also available from employee health services (EHS)
    • Bring the SIGNED med clearance form to EHS
      • EHS is staffed by NPs and requests you to be cleared by your doctor. They will mediate the clearance process between the department and your doctor. 
      • EHS should be used for illnesses during work hours, but they may still refer you to a doctor or urgent care for conditions they cannot handle. 
    • A supervisor or administrator will also need to submit a medical referral form to EHS via email prior to your visit. 
      • EHS contact = Beatriz Kevelier
        Departmental Assistant
        Mount Sinai West, Employee Health Services
        1000 10TH
        Ave, Rm GA-30
        New York NY, 10019

 Conferences/Interview Days

  • Notification: Interview requests should be emailed to Chiefs and also cc'ed to Dr. Kamath
    • The invitation/confirmation email from the fellowship coordinator for the program you are interviewing at should be forwarded/sent to the chiefs and Dr. Kamath
  • Coverage: Residents are responsible for finding coverage or switching shifts if conferences or interview days fall on a mandatory rotation*
    • Once coverage is found, the resident can submit the proposed switch to the Chief Residents for approval.  Make sure approval is obtained/updated on Amion before assuming you have that date off!

Jury Duty:
  • Notification: Please email (includes the program director, program coordinator, chief residents).
  • You will be provided a form at the end of jury duty. Please submit this form to Keith/Paula

Bereavement days:
  • Notification: Please email (includes the program director, program coordinator, chief residents).
  • Up to 3 days off

 Mandatory rotations

  • Any solo-covered rotation generally is required. 
    • Absolute mandatory rotations are listed below, if you are solo-covering (again, if you are double-covered, this becomes more flexible - however, be careful so that an R1 is preferably not solo-covering):
      • Any call shift (BI/M NF, M Eve, W Eve, BI Eve, BI Jr, Weekend call)
      • Chest XR-XR (R1-only duty; phone/pager coverage)
      • Fluoro (R1-only rotation) AND 
        • -FL (Fluoro coverage rotations, R2-R4s)
      • VIR all sites (W, BI, M -- ESIR rotations are under IR Chiefs)
      • US M (as R2-R4, or if solo R1)
      • PET
      • Neuro S (especially Mon/Tues Fluoro cases for Khorsandi)
      • Body CT any site (W, S)
      • Body MR
      • MSH rotations, if scheduled (Peds, Body MR); if requesting to use a PD or Sick Days on these rotations, requires MSMW Chiefs to touch base with MSH Chiefs
    • Yes, there are exceptions (listed below) that may not require getting resident coverage (and need to just notify the attending on-duty & Chiefs, that you will be unable to attend for PD or Sick Day): 
      • Mammo all sites (DUS, MSC, W, M)
      • Nucs all sites (variably mandatory, depending on site AND availability of attendings to be present for scheduled procedures, such as Lymphoscintigraphy injections, Morphine injections, and Thyroid administration). Requires schedule-checking and discussion with Chiefs, to maintain coverage.
      • US when R1s scanning-only in 1st half of year (R1s only)
      • MSK DUS or W
      • Neuro W or Neuro M
      • Cardiac
      • Chest CT
  • If any questions regarding mandatory/coverage, please discuss with Chiefs (, especially when scheduling days off (sick days, PD, conference, etc.).


  • Gertrude Ederle NYC Recreational Center
    • $75 for 6 months
  • Central Rock Gym (60th and West End)
  • Spin class
    • FlyWheel (150 Amsterdam Ave)
    • SoulCycle (60th and West End)
  • NY Sports Clubs
    • Monthly Fee: $49.95
    • Annual Fee: $49.95
    • Initiation Fee: $0
    • Month-month membership, access to all locations and classes 
    • Membership can be cancelled with 30 days notice (no fee)
    • Contact Corporate Representative
  • MSBI fitness center. Fill out waiver (attached document below), turn into security at Bernstein Pavilion and get ID access.


  • Yoga/Meditation
    • Sitewide yoga/ meditation workshops at SL, MSH, BI, West
    • To join the weekly Yoga update, email or
    • Upcoming Events/Schedule
  • Mount Sinai FIT
    • For more info (yoga classes, meditation, and self-care), email 
    • For info regarding personal nutrition, diabetes self-management education, or exercise, email
  • 4-CALM (telephone)
    • Take a mindful pause during the day with a 2 minute guided meditation by Take Time to Meditate facilitators on a telephone recording.
    • Please dial 4-CALM (4-2256) or 212-241-CALM (2256) to access the recording.
  • Free 30 minute self-care consultation.
    • Private, confidential, in-person or over the phone.
    • Includes information on setting up a health care proxy.
    • Email for appointments. 
  • Parent and Family Resources
    • Child Care, Housing, Financial Resources, Parents' Groups. 


  • Union contract can be found on Radrez homepage (also this link)
  • Vacation
    • 20 vacation days credited at the start of the academic year.
    • Weekends before/after vacation week not guaranteed but often provided.
    • Taken in one week blocks but can be taken in 2 week blocks. Can't split into 2-3 days.
  • Salary increase
    • Planned for 9/1/2020; 1.5% increases on 7/2021 & 7/2022
    • GME benefits
  • Sick days
    • 12 paid sick days per year (carry over annually)
  • Personal days
    • 4 personal days per year 
    • See "Time off policy" to the left of this page, for more details.
  • Maternity leave
    • 5 days paid Maternity leave per CIR contract
    • See Procedure to Report LOA attachment for instructions
    • Contact Nefertidi Linton, Leave Coordinator if you have questions
    • Future Mom's Program via health insurance
  • Paternity leave
    • 5 days paid Paternity leave per CIR contract
    • Sick days cannot exceed 5 days for paternity leave or must apply for disability or FMLA (receive only 60% of pay)
    • Can use a combination of sick days & personal days to ensure full pay (eg. 4 sick days...1 PD...4 sick days...1 PD...)
    • Let Dr. K, Chiefs, Keith & Paula know when taking Paternity leave
  • Benefits
    • Health coverage (Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield)
    • Dental coverage (Guardian Dental)
    • Optical coverage (Davis Vision)
    • Disability and life insurance benefits
    • Legal services for a wide range of issues
    • Medical licensure consultation
  • Education fund
    • $600 per year (usu used towards annual $650 ABR fees; amount reimbursed by rad dept)
      • May be used towards books, journals and electronic equivalents, board review courses, educational conferences, medical equipment, exam fees, electronic medical devices and tablets
    • Submit your receipt and credit card statement (black out sensitive info) tKeith or Paula within one month of purchase
  • Step 3 Reimbursement
    • $800 for residents who successfully pass Step 3 while employed at MSW and under CIR. 
    • Submit your receipt and credit card statement (black out sensitive info) to Keith Maynard or Paula Green.
  • Meals
    • $1250 per year for Radiology given bi-annually with paycheck
  • Chief Resident differential
    • $3000 for full-time Chiefs
  • CIR Discounts


Report to GME:

Anonymous complaint:

Title IX coordinator:
Phone: 212-241-0089
Cell: 646-245-593
Call: 800-853-9212

Resident evaluations

Report to chief resident

Report to Program director

Report to Radiology chair



  • For R3 and R4
  • DUS requirements include IV insertion, i-stat, crash cart, Epi use training
  • If you are not licensed, licenses can take a few months to get and cost $735 plus $70 for your USMLE transcript (Will not be reimbursed!)
  • Salary is $100/hour 
  • Shifts are 5-8p (up to 9pm) on weekdays; generally 8am to 1-4pm on weekends

Federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Provides eligible employees with up to 12 workweeks of unpaid leave in the event that he or she needs to interrupt training due to:
  • Birth, adoption, care for a newborn, or placement of a child 
  • To care for a child, parent, or spouse with a serious health condition 
  • Because of the House Staff Officer’s own serious health condition 
  • For qualifying exigent circumstances due to a spouse, son, daughter, or parent being either on active duty or on call for such duty in the Armed Forces or Reserves in support of a contingency operation 
  • To care for a spouse, son, daughter, parent, or next of kin who is also a “covered service member” of the United States Armed Forces or Reserves with a serious injury of illness incurred in the line of duty. 

NY State Paid Family Leave Law (NYPFLL)

Provides eligible employees in New York with paid, job protected leave for certain family and medical reasons including:
  • To bond with a newborn child within the first 52 weeks after the child’s birth 
  • Placement of a child with the employee for adoption or foster care, and to bond with that child within the first 52 weeks after the placement 
  • To care for a covered family member with a serious health condition as defined by law 
  • Qualifying exigencies arising out of an employee’s spouse, domestic partner, child or parent being on or called to active duty status as a member of the Armed Forces, National Guard, or Reserves 

During 2020, you can take up to 10 weeks of Paid Family Leave in a 52 week period and receive 50% of your average weekly wage (AWW), capped at 50% of the New York State Average Weekly Wage (SAWW), which is $652.96/week in 2018.


24/7 mental health hotline for students and trainees (starting 3/1/2020)
  • 212-241-2400 or 1-866-339-7725
  • Callers will be connected to a licensed counselor who can provide:
    • Crisis intervention and counseling
    • Urgent mental health support
    • Referral to mental health resources, locally or regionally based on the needs and requests of the caller (including to Student and Trainee Mental Health - STMH)
    • Assistance in accessing emergency services (911 or Mobile Crisis Teams) when appropriate
Emergency Services 
  • Go to your nearest ER, or call one of the following: 
  • Crisis Referral Line: 888-NYC-WELL 
  • National Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255 

Mount Sinai’s Psychiatric Emergency Services
  • For emergency mental health services, contact Psychiatric Emergency Services, call 911, or go to the nearest emergency room
  • Mount Sinai Beth Israel: 212-420-4614
  • Mount Sinai West: 212-523-4000
  • Mount Sinai St. Luke’s: 212-523-3347

Your Program Directors are available to talk with you about any concerns

GME Ombuds Services are available through the New Innovations homepage

Online screening to assess how you are feeling:

  • Free, CONFIDENTIAL help line with trained mental health professionals help NYC residents find mental health and substance abuse services
  • You can call Lifenet for yourself or for a friend
  • 1-800-LIFENET
  • 24 hours per day, 7 days a week

The following signs may mean someone is at risk for suicide:
  • Talking about wanting to die or to kill themselves
  • Looking for a way to kill themselves, such as searching online or buying a gun
  • Talking about feeling hopeless or having no reason to live
  • Talking about feeling trapped or in unbearable pain
  • Increasing the use of alcohol or drugs
  • Acting anxious or agitated; behaving recklessly
  • Sleeping too little or too much
  • Withdrawing or isolating themselves
  • Showing rage or talking about seeking revenge
  • Displaying extreme mood swings

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