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AW (Vascular analysis)

1. Either look on Desktop for the AW icon, or download AW from IP address: (if not previously installed by another user)


2. Open AW from desktop icon. Login with your UV/RA1000 username and password.

3.  Back on UV... Have the patient open, and click "Send Dicom" at the top --> to "AWSERVER."
  • You do not have to wait for the images to finish sending before the next step / returning to AW.

3. Back on AW....
  • Make sure default "AW Server" is selected, then...
  • Search for the patient by name. 
  • Select "Arterial Thin Ax"
  • Click "More"
  • Click "Reformat"

4. A new screen will pop up.  Double-click the axial image (top-right).


5. Finally... the fun "2-click" vessel analysis part!

Tip: You can export particular panels and send it to GE PACs.  (right-click on the image you want to Save/Export)

Enjoy!  Per Dr. Friedman: "Just keep clicking. You can't break AW!"