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US Kidney


C5 probe on ABD settings

Don’t bother removing bandages, work around them


Transverse and long kidney in pelvis

Resistive index in interlobar arteries (b/w medullary pyramids) in upper & lower poles

Resistive index in the main renal artery (careful, there may be two renal arteries)

Resistive index in arcuate arteries (at corticomedullary junction)

Look for hematoma, urinoma, some post-op fluid okay

Bladder transverse/ sagittal - Check for ureteral jets with Doppler


RI normal ~ 06, up to 0.8

               = (peak systolic- diastolic) / (peak systolic) 

Transplanted kidneys RI > 0.9 is a nonspecific marker of transplant dysfunction

If elevated RI, look more carefully for renal artery waveform - tardus parvus waveform suggest stenosis at anastomosis

Resource on transplanted kidney US

Normal RI & waveform