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IF signing into IDX or the first time, you will be asked to change your SIGNING PASSWORD;  the old password is the SAME AS YOUR DOMAIN USERNAME, i.e. usually first initial+ last name

1)   Sign in to IDX (use continuum on drop down menu)
2)   Scheduling tab, reschedule sub-tab
3)   Search by MRN (use 20000#...)
4)   SEARCH button
5)   Click exam button on the patient's line
6)   click exam you want to reschedule 
8)   click again exam 
9)   CONTINUE button
10) APPTMN SEARCH button
11) YOU MUST CLICK THE BUTTON to the left of the exam in order for the changes to be made, you can change the type of exam by searching for the exam type from the drop down  ".." under Exam, can also modify for R/L 
12) CALENDAR button and choose (current) date
13) OK
14) TIME button and enter (N for now) military time
15) CHANGE button
16) MANUAL button
17) on next screen make sure the date/time is what you want
18) CONFIRM button
19) reason ADJ (schedule adjustment)
20) name LAST,FIRST (ok if name not recognized by system)
21) Keep clicking OK buttons until you get to screen which displays the new date and time of exam
22) CONTINUE button to get back to starting screen

1)   Sign in to IDX (use continuum on drop down menu)
2)   Tracking tab
3)   Complete Exam
4 )  Search by ACC or MRN (use 10000 or 20000#...)
4)  Enter or SEARCH button
      a)  Click on exams button if you searched by MRN #
6)  t for today, tab to fields, make sure your arrival time is less than end time, is less than  depart time (n is now)
7) pre wait is none, delayed is none
8) Providers, put your name, then check box of "perf." 
9) save