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We use EmSTAT to make the ER aware of amended final reports.

Here are the steps for use:

  1. Double click on the EmSTAT icon
  2. Click Run
  3. Click anywhere on the chart rack 
  4. First time log in:
    • User ID = first initial + last name in small caps

    • Password = the first time is “password”, then it will ask you to change it

  5. Click on the ADMIN tab on the top
  6. Choose Discharged patient
  7. Choose appropriate patient from the pull down 
  8. Click Radiology FUP 
  9. Choose the appropriate initial study, recommendations, Resident who did the initial read, Attending who did the final read
  10. When calling the ED, you must speak to an ED Attending
  11. Can leave ER attending spot blank
  12. Fill out the amend comment 
  13. Click "OK"