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Downtime Procedures

Downtime Resident Powerpoint (IE)
Also see Documents attached below

    Contact Radiology Supervisor or RIS.
     Call reports to physician, keep record of who you spoke with and what you communicated.  

     If it is a prolonged problem, you might have to create temporary reports into PACS.  
        See attached file "PS down Radiologists"

    If Powerscribe is down for an extended period of time and directed by RIS you may have to type reports directly into IDX.
        See attached file "Dictating in Imagecast"

    Images will be coming to PACS with or without accession numbers, may not be completed

    Use either real (Imagecast generated) accession numbers (if completed before the downtime, no QA issue) or the accession number manually assigned by the tech supervisor. 

   For reporting, please create a temporary report in Powerscribe and include pt name, dob, type of study, location of study and accession (Imagecast or manually assigned), as much information as is needed for the IT people to later match report with images

   Close exam as needs over-read to remove it from the inbox and prevent it being read again. 

   For critical results, it helps to create a terse temporary report in PACS (see above) and verbally communicate with the requesting physician. 

Reading XRs: Go to the ER XR department and read off of the XR console. Call in critical findings and document when and who you spoke with.

Reading CTs:
Step1: Ask Tech to send CTs to Vital Connect. Type
  into Internet Explorer (there is also a link on  Make sure worklist filter is on "All studies" and click "Refresh".

Step2: If the above fails, go to ER CT scanner and read off of the CT machine console with the help of CT Tech.  IMPORTANT: Make sure that CT Tech calls you for _every_ CT that is scanned but not transferred to PACS.  Keep a list of such cases until they're all transferred to PACS.

Step3: Call in critical findings and document when and who you spoke with.

RadRez Administrator,
Mar 11, 2015, 4:45 PM
RadRez Administrator,
Mar 11, 2015, 4:45 PM