Educational Requirements:
All research personnel involved in the project must complete the required educational requirement for both MSSL/R and ISMMS (Icahn School of Medicine) before they can participate in any research activities.  Please visit the CITI program website, www.citiprogram.org, and affiliate your user name with both SLR and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.  Once your account has been created and affiliated, please proceed to take the following required courses:
SLR Courses:
*       Investigator's Research /Staff Course
*       Financial Conflicts of Interest (FCOI) Course
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) Courses:
*       Data Security and HIPAA Training
*       HIPAA Research Update
*       Good Clinical Practice (GCP) - for FDA regulated studies

Creation of an Investigator Form (IF) Number and GCO Number:

Effective May 28, 2015, all New (Full, Expedited & Exempt) and Continuing Review submissions must be accompanied by an IF number.  For some departments, a GCO (Grants and Contract Office) number is also  required.  To obtain an IF number, please visit Sinai Central at http://sinaicentral.mssm.edu and log in to create an IF number. See attached instructions document at the bottom of the Research page.

All research submission for full board or expedited review must be submitted via our research portal, 
http://icahn.mssm.edu/research/resources/program-for-the-protection-of-human-subjects.  Telephone:  212 824 8200