Educational Funds

These are only possible sources of funding, and do not change other conference rules (i.e. a maximum of 3 days off per conference, must email Chiefs in advance, etc.)

  • Email Dr. Kamath and Chiefs for permission
    • 3 days maximum (this is a comprehensive total, includes your travel days in this 3 day span!)
    • Coverage must be arranged/obtained - remember to look at mandatory rotations in advance!
      • Scientific posters/presentations are prioritized
      • Educational posters/presentations: Priority goes to residents who have not presented at a conference before; attendance not guaranteed if covering a mandatory shift.
    • Get paperwork done! (see documents at bottom of the page)
      • MUST BE approved 6-8 weeks before anything else happens! or the requestor will not be reimbursed -- NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
      • Fill out BI-MSW-M Travel Authorization Form (bottom of page) and send to Paula Green and Keith Maynard
Radiology Department budget for travel:
  • Capped at $1600 per conference
    • Additional sources of $$ funding (Mt Sinai GME $500 match, and CIR $3000), see further on this page:
  • Review the relevant travel policies & forms (documents at bottom of the page)
    • Do not make any travel arrangements until you receive notification from Chiefs & MS Finance regarding your approval for travel
    • Transport: EGENCIA travel site
      • All trainee travel is to be booked via Egencia *(exception below)
        • ONCE YOU ARE APPROVED via the Chiefs and the Travel Authorization Form, Paula/Keith will provide you with an Egencia code
        • Quick reference guide on how to access/use Egencia
          • Download the Egencia® TripNavigator mobile app from the App Store
          • Contact Stacey Resk at chptravelauth@chpnet.org with any questions
      • *Note, exception to Egencia: if you decide to book outside of Egencia due to significant price difference:
        • "Residents must provide the price comparison at the time in which they want to purchase the airfare.  If Egencia at that time can’t match it, then they can book it elsewhere.  Having the air information in Egencia provides us with reporting when there are emergencies/flight disruptions, etc.  When an employee books on their own, we can’t track that."
    • Everything else: Reimbursement procedure documents
      • Once the party returns from travel, submit ALL of the following to Keith/Paula 
        • TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION FORM (Word file at bottom of page) 
        • ITEMIZATION TRAVEL FORM (Excel file at bottom of page)
        • Boarding pass (if taking a flight)
      • All receipts for reimbursement  
        • All receipts MUST be taped to an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper by expense category (place category on top of page: TAXI, MEALS, etc.)
          • HOTEL: Try to keep under $250/night. You must submit an itemized hotel bill with a copy of your credit card charge.
            • Yes, you can book with AirBnB.
          • TAXI: All taxi cab receipts must show the date. If you receive a business card from the taxi cab driver, the card must contain the name of the taxi cab company, date, and amount charged
          • MEALS: Your daily meal allowance is $65. Any expense over the $65 per day will be your responsibility. 
            • No receipt, no reimbursement. Your meal receipts MUST be itemized.
            • Alcohol will NOT be reimbursed under any circumstances. 
            • Credit card charge for meals must also be submitted. If you pay using cash, you must indicate CASH on your receipt.
          • CAR RENTALS
        • Items NOT reimbursed
          • Room Service
          • Internet charges

Mt. Sinai GME Educational Fund

  • The Graduate Medical Office provides financial support for residents and fellows who present their research at national or international professional conferences.  
  • Trainees may apply for a maximum of $500 each calendar year via the new link below: 
    • https://mountsinai.formstack.com/forms/request_for_travel_support
    • In order to be eligible for funding:
      • (please make sure a travel request is submitted prior to travel, regardless if you qualify for the stipend or not)
      • Requests for funding must be made before the conference dates, preferably three weeks in advance
      • The trainee’s program must agree to match the funding requested by the trainee
        • For our department: It is assumed the department $500 match is from our $1600 budget per conference, so you will have a total of $2100
      • Once the request is approved (approval will be sent by e-mail in 1-5 business days). Forward approval to Keith/Paula
      • The trainee must submit a one-page conference summary upon return as well as a fund number for the fund transfer.
        • Tip: Template for 1-page summary is at bottom of the page

CIR Educational Fund
  • Each CIR dues-paying resident, who will be on payroll at a CIR-funding hospital the following year (R4's may not qualify)
  • ...For each academic year, is eligible for up to $3,000 reimbursement for educational funding.  
    • The $3000 is a reimbursement, not a blank check. 
    • It is only for a single conference (cannot use remaining funds for other conferences) 
      • And is only for each academic year (does not carry over).
What conferences qualify?
  • Only conferences in the contiguous 48 states count (so not Hawaii or Alaska)
  • Note: This fund is mainly for QI-focused educational conferences, but others may qualify
    • If not a QI conference, then any conference may qualify, as long as additional criteria are met:
      • Resident is presenting a poster/presentation  *OR*
      • Resident is only attending, 
      • Then the 2 criteria below:
        • The Program Director writes an individual/personalized letter of support explaining educational value/non-QI rationale
        • The resident presents findings in a teaching conference to peers of at least 10 minutes (flyers do not count)
      • FAQ: The CIR form requires a personal statement, what do I write if it's not a QI conference?
        • Write about the educational value of the conference, and:
        • Also look at the conference schedule again. It likely has some QI sessions you can attend (recommended) - add you'll be going to QI sessions in addition to presenting.
        • Include that you'll bring back teaching points (QI-related would be a bonus... especially referencing the required teaching session), so your co-residents will benefit.
  • These particular QI conferences automatically qualify (can attend without doing anything else):
      • American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) Integrating Quality Conference
        • https://www.aamc.org/initiatives/quality/meeting/
        • AAMC will hold the twelfth annual Integrating Quality Conference in Kansas City, MO at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown June 4-5, 2020. 
        • Important Dates:
        • Call for Abstracts: Mid-November to Late December 2019
        • Abstract Acceptance Notices: February 2020
        • Registration Opens; Book Hotel & Travel: March to May 2020

      Tips & caveats:
      • CIR does tend to run out of funds later in the year, so it's better to apply earlier.
      • Multiple residents from the same program are encouraged to apply at the same time/same conferences (and in fact are more likely to receive funding)
        • However, each resident will need a separate/individualized PD letter (can have same content, but each letter should be personalized with resident’s name)
        • Residents can share the same teaching session together, but have to each speak at least 10 minutes (and not just sit in the audience or bring flyers)

      What forms do I need to fill out?
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      Jul 15, 2019, 5:16 PM
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