NYRS Annual Conference

Instructions for the annual NYRS October meeting.

The New York Roentgen Ray Society holds one city-wide 3-day educational conference each year in autumn.

  • The Chiefs will let you know how to sign up for day(s) that you prefer; residents are approved for:
    • R1s = 1 day
    • R2s = 2 days
    • R3s = 3 days
    • R4s = 1 day
  • The Chiefs will poll the residents about your preferred dates of attendance and will create a conference schedule based on those preferences.
  • Register (as an R1) for membership in the New York Roentgen Ray Society (You need to be a member-in-training to attend.)
  • Actual conference day FAQs:
    • What is it?  It's basically a 3-day Mega conference! With top lecturers from NY academic centers.
    • Attendance: Make sure you sign in. 
    • Dress code: Just your every day work clothes, business casual
    • Is there food?
      • Continental breakfast & lunch = Wednesday, Thursday
      • Continent breakfast only = Friday

AIRP instructions

Instructions for R3's going to AIRP.
  • You will need to pick a 4-week block; Chiefs will let you know when to rank your choices.

  • $2100 stipend to attend. Save receipts and credit card statement for Maritza.
    • CONSIDER APPLYING FOR THE ANNUAL $3000 CIR STIPEND AS A GROUP!!! More info here >>> Educational Funds
AIRP case submission:
1) Select the case you would like to submit:
  • To find a suitable case, think of your interesting cases (or from Body ICC, tumor boards, or other conferences).  
  • Check Epic for the pathology report (the report will usually dictate whether or not a case has gross images, i.e. "the specimen has been photographed") OR check with Geoff Sheridan in IT GSherida at chpnet org or ask an other resident who recently acquired the excel list.
As of 2019, there is a new form you have to fill out and return (see bottom of page), with contact info (site-specific!!!) on that document.
  • Alternatively you can contact the BI Surgical Pathology Office (11th floor, Silver Bldg, Ext 44-1747) to request slides, or Resident room (ex 20-2383).
3) Images will be sent to you. Note, it will take 5 business days for images to process.


If any questions, please ask Chiefs or Dr. Kamath.
(Also located on the H-drive: Dept > RAD1 > Rad > TRAVEL)
If you are accepted to a conference and want to go... TRAVEL procedure is as follows:
  • Email Dr. Kamath and Chiefs to ask for permission to attend the conference
    • 3 days maximum allotted (including travel days)
    • Coverage must be maintained/obtained for mandatory rotations or call rotations
      • Scientific posters/presentations are prioritized
      • Educational posters/presentations:
        • Priority goes to residents who have not presented at a conference before; attendance not guaranteed if covering a mandatory shift.
    • Get paperwork done! (see documents at bottom of the page)
      • MUST BE approved 6-8 weeks before anything else happens! or the requestor will not be reimbursed -- NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
      • Write "St. Luke's-West" at top of request form to indicate home institution
      • Fill out Travel Authorization Form and send to Paula Green, Keith Maynard, and Maritza Velez, who will copy Erica Samuel (erica.samuel@mountsinai.org). She will enter into Sinai Central for approval
  • Three possible sources of $$$ for travel (total of $5100+):
Florence Doo,
Aug 8, 2019, 2:38 PM
Florence Doo,
Jul 16, 2019, 8:49 AM