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posted Jul 7, 2013, 3:24 PM by RadRez Administrator   [ updated Feb 18, 2016, 11:55 AM by Nolan Kagetsu ]

Once a month, two residents present an article each during a lunchtime conference to the radiology department.  An attending can assign you an article or you can find one you would like in that attending’s field. The guideline format of the presentation is as follow


      1.  What is the article’s objective? (background/history)

      2.  What is the design of the study; e.g., Case Series, Case Control, Randomized.  Is

           this retrospective or prospective?  Are the controls appropriate?

      3.  Who are the subjects?  Is this explicitly stated?  Is there selection bias?

      4.  Interventions:  What procedures were performed?

      5.  Results:  What are the authors’ significant  findings?  Comment (if you can) on the

           appropriateness of their statistical evaluation.  Is there internal consistency in the


      6.  Organization and writing style:  Is the paper logically organized and clearly

            written;  is it easy to follow?
     7.  Conclusions:  What are the authors’ major conclusions?  Are the results

generalizable?  Are they justified from the data?  Do the conclusions support the objectives of the

           paper? What type of contribution to the field does this paper make?  Can you relate it to other     

           literature on this topic? Do the results make teleological/biologic sense?

      8.  Miscellaneous Comments:  How could this paper be strengthened?  Did you learn

anything from this paper?  Was the discussion informative?  Was this paper published in a major 

and/or peer review journal, a minor journal, or a throw-away journal? Does it help you in your practice

 -- will it alter practice in any way or does it support what you are currently doing???