• EGENCIA travel site
    • All trainee travel is to be booked via Egencia effective 7/26/2016
    • Quick reference guide
    • Download the Egencia® TripNavigator mobile app from the App Store
    • Contact Stacey Resk at with any questions

  • TRAVEL reimbursement procedure documents
    • Travel reimbursement procedure documents (below)
    • Travel policy (attached) for MS along with appropriate forms
    • Also located on the H-drive: Dept > RAD1 > Rad > TRAVEL

  • TRAVEL procedure is as follows
    • Print all copies and have the staff member complete the TRAVEL REQUEST (travel request444.MS.pdf)
    • Have travel request approved by Department head or Administrator
    • Write "St. Luke's-West" at top of request form to indicate home institution
    • Scan travel request and send to ( She will enter into Sinai Central for approval
    • Once the party returns from travel, submit ALL of the following to Maritza (
      • All receipts for reimbursement  
      • All receipts MUST be taped to an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper by expense category (place category on top of page: TAXI, MEALS, etc.)
      • Boarding pass

  • Notes
    • Travel request is needed at least 6 weeks in advance, or the requestor will not be reimbursed -- NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
    • Do not make any travel arrangements until you receive notification from MS Finance regarding your approval for travel
    • HOTEL: You must submit an itemized hotel bill with a copy of your credit card charge
    • TAXI: All taxi cab receipts must show the date. If you receive a business card from the taxi cab driver, the card must contain the name of the taxi cab company, date, and amount charged
    • MEALS: Your meal receipts MUST be itemized. We cannot accept a charge receipt showing only a total. Alcohol will NOT be reimbursed under any circumstances. Your daily meal allowance is $65. Any expense over the $65 per day will be your responsibility. Charge on your credit card alone will no longer be accepted. No receipt, no reimbursement. Credit card charge for meals must also be submitted. If you pay using cash, you must indicate CASH on your receipt.
    • Items NOT reimbursed
      • Internet charges
      • Car rentals

Poster printing:

Medical Illustrator: Associated w/ Mount Sinai as of 2018


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