• R1 core series 
    • Mondays 12-1 pm weekly
    • Gotowebinar
    • Seamless
  • Specialty conferences - site specific small groups led by faculty (mandatory unless on a call rotation, IR, or pediatrics)
    • Tuesdays 12-1 pm weekly
    • Seamless
    • Location attending dependent, typically Radiology conference room at MSW, Library at MSBI, Main reading room at MSSL
    • Anyone rotating at the Chelsea or NYEE locations (Mammo and ENT) do not have to attend the Tuesday small group noon conference at BI (PACC residents are still expected to come)
  • Journal Club/Radpath
    • Tuesday 12-1 pm instead of specialty conference
    • Radpath every 7 weeks
    • Journal club every 7 weeks
    • Seamless
  • Didactic "Mega" conference (mandatory unless on a call rotation, IR, or pediatrics. BI JR excused at 4pm)
  • Quality improvement conference
    • Thursdays 12-1pm once a month 
    • Every 4th Thursday
    • Pizza and beverages provided by SLW Radiology Department
  • Noon conference/Chiefs meeting
    • Fridays 12-1 pm weekly
    • Peer-peer case presentations
    • Site specific
    • Lunch on your own
    • Replaces R1 potpourri conference (runs from July to September)
  • Education meeting
    • Fridays 12-1 pm once a month

Completed didactics lectures can be found in the shared "H drive" : shared (\\ G:\Dept\RAD1\Rad\MEGA CONF SERIES\

See attachments below

Remote access shared folder from home
Step 1. Connect to VPN
Step 2. Open shared folder, see below.

1. Click on Computer> Network location:
2. go to shared (\\ G:\Dept\RAD1\Rad\MEGA CONF SERIES\2018-2019

1. Open Safari
2. Type into address bar: “smb://" > allow page to open in “Finder” > connect to server > enter credentials > go to shared\Dept\RAD1\RAD\MEGA CONF SERIES\2018-2019

Mac reboot persistence
1. From Finder, Command + K
2. smb://
3. System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items > +
4. Locate network drive and click "Add"

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