• R1 core series
    • GotoWebinar Mondays 12-1 pm weekly
    • Seamless for presenter/R1s
  • Specialty conferences - site specific small groups led by faculty (mandatory unless on a call rotation, IR, or pediatrics)
    • Tuesdays 12-1 pm weekly
    • Seamless for all
    • Location attending dependent, typically Radiology conference room at MSW, Library at MSBI, Main reading room at MSSL
    • Anyone rotating at the Chelsea or NYEE locations (Mammo and ENT) do not have to attend the Tuesday small group noon conference at BI
  • Journal Club/Radpath
    • Thursday 12-1 pm instead of specialty conference
    • Radpath every 7 weeks
    • Journal club every 7 weeks
    • Seamless for all
  • Didactic "Mega" conference (mandatory unless on a call rotation, IR, or pediatrics. BI JR excused at 4pm)
  • Quality improvement conference
    • Thursdays 12-1pm once a month 
    • Every 4th Thursday
    • Pizza and beverages provided by SLW Radiology Department
  • Noon conference/Chiefs meeting
    • Thursday 12-1 pm, on weeks when not QI or JC/RP
    • Peer-peer case presentations
    • Site specific
    • Replaces R1 potpourri conference (runs from July to September)
  • Education meeting
    • Once a month

Completed didactics lectures can be found in the shared "H drive" : shared (\\ G:\Dept\RAD1\Rad\@EDUCATION\MEGACONFERENCE

Remote access shared folder from home
Step 1. Connect to VPN
Step 2. Open shared folder, see below.

1. Click on Computer> Network location:
2. go to shared (\\ G:\Dept\RAD1\Rad\@EDUCATION\MEGACONFERENCE\

1. Open Safari
2. Type into address bar: “smb://" > allow page to open in “Finder” > connect to server > enter credentials > go to shared\Dept\RAD1\RAD\@EDUCATION\MEGACONFERENCE\

Mac reboot persistence
1. From Finder, Command + K
2. smb://
3. System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items > +
4. Locate network drive and click "Add"

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