• Mon-Fri at RH (8am until the last case finishes)
  • On Monday, you will usually be required to be on rotation rather than mega-conference
  • Coverage should be discussed with the VIR attending prior to Monday

  • Mon/Wed/Fri (7:30am (catch the 6:45am Jitney) until 4:30pm or until the last case finishes)
  • You will either be on consult day for Tue/Thu or go to RH to work with Dr Dreifuss.  
                      -  Check with Dr. Dreifuss before hand.
                   - Carry your pager


  • Vascular and Interventional Radiology: The requisites by John A. Kaufman
  • Vascular and Interventional Radiology by Karim Valji

  • Pre-procedure evaluation 
    • Informed consent form
    • Pre-procedure note in patient’s chart
      • Check relevant lab results
  • During procedure
    • The degree of involvement in procedures will be determined based on demonstrated ability and interest
    • Familiarity with the clinical presentation, including history, physical examination, laboratory and other tests, pathophysiology of the disease process, and an appropriate assessment should precede resident involvement in any case
    • Residents who acquire competent clinical skills and adequacy in the roles of first and second assistant will graduate to primary operator on appropriate cases
  • Post-procedure 
    • surgical style notes and orders will be written on the patients that the resident has performed procedures on
    • Cases may be dictated during the work day only if there are no ongoing procedures without physician first and second assistants
    • Otherwise, dictations should be done after completion of all procedures and readout
    • All procedure dictations and sign offs should be completed before the end of the work day
  • Inpatient SIGN OUT
    • To communicate between the daytime staff and night and weekend coverage
    • This sign out is the responsibility of the residents and fellows and can be found on the HDrive under our Radiology Dept, SLR Residency, sub-folder VIR sign-out
    • In addition to the sign out, you should email or call the call resident to transfer care for any patients they need to trend labs, write notes, and/or round on over the weekend
    •  The night and weekend coverage should inform the daytime team of any procedures they did as the daytime team will have to follow the patient
  • Consults - 
    • Place a consult note after seeing the patient and discussing the case with the attending 
    • The secretary at RH at times writes consult requests on the schedule board (noting them with "???"). Follow up these consults. 
    • Keep track of inpatients on the schedule board. 
  • Rounding
    • Most inpatients are to be seen daily
    • This may be accomplished prior to start of the work day or after completion of all procedures and readout in the department
    • More active patients may be seen both prior to and after the work day
    • Less active patients may be seen less frequently or dropped from the inpatient list (this will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the attending Interventional Radiologist)

  • Make sure you keep a procedure log of your procedures on New Innovations, this is the only way to be HIPPA compliant
  • An easy way is to take a patient MRN sticker from the chart and keep it in a physical notebook on the rotation, keep a file on your smartphone, or go through Powerscribe to find dictations you did (but the Powerscribe list may not reflect all the procedures you participated in)
  • In the end, you will have to transfer this procedure list to a HIPPA compliant format in New Innovations to share with your program

  • SLR and BI fellows at SLR and BI residents on the IR rotations should the Friday VIR conferences at 7 am at their respective sites - PACC, Conf Rm 3 – 14 St Union Sq – or - RH conference, 4th floor Roosevelt. The topics are on the VIR schedule.
  • Only the fellows should attend the NYU conference (3rd Monday of the month). The conference at NYU takes place both the 2nd and 3rd Mondays. However, our fellows should only attend once a month.
  • The SLR fellow and SLR residents on the IR rotation should attend the vascular conference on Tuesday mornings.
  • The BI fellow and BI residents on the IR rotation should attend the vascular conference on Wednesday mornings at 7am, Radiology Conference Room (2S01).
  • Resident and Fellow at RH - Hepatobiliary - Tuesdays at 5 pm. IR is not always represented at this conference. It is up to Dr. Friedman whether this should be required.
  • Additional conferences at BI: Hepat/Pancreas conference – monthly, first Monday of the month, at 8am - Radiology Conference Room (2S01).


  • Non-English interpreters can be reached at 36-5096 (remember to record the translator #) 
  • There are certified Spanish translators at RH (Manny, Geraldo, Marcus) that may be able to assist