ATTENDINGS: Dr. Stuart Golbey, Dr. Sherman Lipschitz,  Dr. Kathryn Solomon

HOURS: 8:00 AM – until attending dismissal (approximately 4:30 pm)

  • US West 
    • 4th floor, near ultrasound rooms
    • Read RH and Brodsky studies
  • US BI (R1)
    • 2nd floor, main reading room
    • Contact and introduce yourself to head US tech on that day (Alex or unless specified otherwise)
    • Perform US examinations, review cases with scheduled US attending and dictate studies
  • US SL (R1)
    • Clark building, 3rd floor, main reading room
    • Perform US examinations, review cases with scheduled US attending and dictate studies
    • Refer to the appropriate cases below when dictating 
  • US SL (R2 - R4)
    • Clark building, 3rd floor, main reading room
    • Read all SL, BI, and KH ultrasound examinations
    • Read PACC (DUS) studies as time permits and review with the scheduled PACC attending
    • Resident participates in the Autopsy conference on the last FRIDAY of the month.
    • **At BI, if you recommend HIDA scan s/p ultrasound, notify NM dept and keep patient in area.


All residents are required to become internally credentialed to perform emergent ultrasound examinations while on call. R1 residents will therefore focus primarily on scanning when on dedicated US rotations and will complete the Credentialing Form. 

All cases performed during credentialing should be reviewed and signed by the scheduled attending.

The Credentialing Form is due by 12/1 of each academic year and will need to be signed by the Program Director.

We would also recommend practicing as many upper extremity DVT and renal studies as possible, as they occasionally come up on call.  Ask an US Attending to review your studies and sign off on your credential sheet. You are also to dictate the studies you perform.

If you are not credentialed and you perform a study on-call by yourself, the images have to be reviewed by a credentialed co-resident (sitting at West or BI), who will review and cosign the preliminary report). All first years need to have an upperclassman add their names to all ultrasounds performed by a first year, whether or not they are credentialed.  

The images and preliminary reports are reviewed and finalized by the US Attending overnight or on the next business day.


- Lower and upper extremity DVT (10)

- Limited Gallbladder or Abdomen (10)

- Female Pelvic (10)

- Pediatric Abdomen: Appendicitis or Intussusception (10)

- Testicular torsion (5)

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