St. Luke's Neuro

  • Neuroradiology Attending: Primarily Dr. Rizvi (please see neuroradiology schedule to confirm)
  • Location: SL Neuro reading room at Clark 3rd floor (Rm 3-024). 
    • There is a designated resident station immediately adjacent to the attending's office
  • Time: 8:00 am – 4:25 pm (Usually able to catch the 4:30 pm jitney)
  • Responsibilities:  
    • Protocol all SL neuroradiology studies up to 1 week beyond current day
    • Address any calls made to the SL neuroradiology room 
    • Read and review all SL neuroradioogy cases with Dr. Rizvi (or covering attending) 
      • Reading cases is dependent on your level of experience
    • Lumbar punctures are performed with the neuroradiology attending 

 Dr. Manzar Rizvi