Faculty Representative: Dr. Azita Khorsandi

Hours: 8: 00 am - 4:00 pm

Location:  NY Eye & Ear Infirmary (ground floor, radiology department)

  • ENT conference - Every Wednesday at 7 am at PACC (2nd floor conference room)
  • Thyroid conference - Last Thursday of every month from 5-7pm at PACC (2nd floor conference room)
  • Only one resident can be scheduled per block due to limited reading stations. 
  • The rotation is reserved for R4 residents only. 
    • Since the work schedule includes ALL NEURO and ENT cases from PACC and NYEEI, there is a high volume of work that needs to be covered. The resident needs to be proficient in their skill set to attend this rotation. 
    • PACC NEURO and ENT cases are dictated prior to dictating NYEEI cases. This includes coverage of plain film spine cases when on rotation.
  • ENT rotation includes procedures at BI, PACC and NYEEI.
  • Residents are expected to attend all routine conferences (small group, mega, journal club, etc..), and must also attend the ENT and thyroid conferences listed above.