Faculty Representatives

  • Dr. Carlos Benitez at West 
  • Dr. Bob Irish at DUS 

Hours: 8 AM – until attending dismissal 

WEST: MSW ballroom

  • Location: 1000 Tenth Ave, 4th Floor

DUS: Faculty Reading Room (Carpeted)

  • Location: 10 Union Square East, Radiology Suite 3P

Conference: Orthopedic conference, 6:45 AM Wednesdays, Mount Sinai Main hospital, OPTIONAL FOR RESIDENTS 


Goals: TBD


Junior rotation 

  • The residents should periodically review cases throughout the day, first on their own, then with the Attending. 
  • In the first 2-3 days of the rotation residents are not required to dictate cross-sectional cases, but should observe style and content of the Attending reports.
  • All x-rays must be pre-dictated by the resident (junior and senior).
  • Preview a MINIMUM of 2 MRIs every day and dictate cases AFTER review with the attending. 
  • Once this is completed, at the Attending’s discretion, residents may either review additional studies one-on- one with the attending and subsequently dictate them or can pre-dictate additional cases, followed by Attending review.

Senior Rotation 

  • Review a MINIMUM of 4 MRIs every day and pre-dictate cases. Then, same as above.

As always, important findings should be called in to the referring clinician and noted in the report.

Please see the attached document at the bottom of the page, MSKRotation.docx for further details, which has the full MSK curriculum



Required Reading (please see attached document for complete resource list)

Helms, C Fundamentals of Skeletal Radiology. Elsevier,  3rd ed. 2004

Manaster, B et al  Musculoskeletal Imaging: The Requisites, Elsevier, 2nd ed. 2001

Kaplan et al Musculoskeletal MRI,   Elsevier, 2001

Online Resources:

MSK MRI Atlas: covers MRI physics basics and provides multiple views of MSK

Stanford MSK MRI Atlas

Skeletal Trauma Radiology


Radiology of Bone Tumors


Radiology Atlas – Downstate


Shoulder Orthopedics


Cervical Spine Trauma


Radiographics Articles

2005                Medical devices Part I              25:859

                        Rheumatoid arthritis               25:381


2004                Necrotizing fasciitis                24:1472

AIDS                                      24:1051

Foot and ankle tendons          24:343


2003                Fracture fixation                     23:1569

Chondrosarcoma                     23:1245

Bone Scan                               23:341


2002                Paget’s Disease                       22:1191

MR arthrography                    22:1223


2001                Giant cell tumor                      21:1283

                         Maffucci’s syndrome             21:1311

                         Fibromatosis                           21:586

                         Hip pain                                 20:35

                         Knee MR – trauma                20:1035

                         Ankle and foot MR               20:1535



Bone Tumors



Online Teaching Files:


John Hunter’s MSK Teaching File:


MYpacs Teaching File (MSK)




MRI safety (Attn: MSK Guide to Internet) 

Introductory courses incl. Skeletal trauma, c-spine   

Gray’s anatomy


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