Times:        8 AM - 5 PM

Location:    RH Ballroom

Duties:       See attached document below


Required Reading (please see attached document for complete resource list)

Helms, C Fundamentals of Skeletal Radiology. Elsevier,  3rd ed. 2004

Manaster, B et al  Musculoskeletal Imaging: The Requisites, Elsevier, 2nd ed. 2001

Kaplan et al Musculoskeletal MRI,   Elsevier, 2001

Online Resources:

MSK MRI Atlas: covers MRI physics basics and provides multiple views of MSK

Stanford MSK MRI Atlas

Skeletal Trauma Radiology


Radiology of Bone Tumors


Radiology Atlas – Downstate


Shoulder Orthopedics


Cervical Spine Trauma


Radiographics Articles

2005                Medical devices Part I              25:859

                        Rheumatoid arthritis               25:381


2004                Necrotizing fasciitis                24:1472

AIDS                                      24:1051

Foot and ankle tendons          24:343


2003                Fracture fixation                     23:1569

Chondrosarcoma                     23:1245

Bone Scan                               23:341


2002                Paget’s Disease                       22:1191

MR arthrography                    22:1223


2001                Giant cell tumor                      21:1283

                         Maffucci’s syndrome             21:1311

                         Fibromatosis                           21:586

                         Hip pain                                 20:35

                         Knee MR – trauma                20:1035

                         Ankle and foot MR               20:1535



Bone Tumors



Online Teaching Files:


John Hunter’s MSK Teaching File:


MYpacs Teaching File (MSK)




MRI safety (Attn: MSK Guide to Internet) 

Introductory courses incl. Skeletal trauma, c-spine   

Gray’s anatomy



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