Faculty Representative: Dr. Pfaff

Hours:  8:00 am until attending dismissal

  • Outpatient studies QC'd by 3 pm
  • ER and Inpatient studies QC'd by 3:45 pm

  • DUS: 3RD Floor, Suite 3P

  • Interstitial Lung Disease, Mondays 1 PM
  • Cardiothoracic Tumor Board, Mondays 4 PM
  • Pulmonary Fellows, Every other Thursday 12 PM
  • Attendings will send out meeting information


  1. Gain a thorough knowledge of normal thoracic anatomy and be able to recognize normal variants of the: lungs, airways, pleura, heart, aorta, other mediastinal structures, pulmonary arteries, and thoracic osseous structures
  2. Be proficient in the recognition of pulmonary and other thoracic pathology and be able to formulate a differential diagnosis
  3. Understand the radiographic appearance and proper positioning of common monitoring devices.
  4. Learn how to generate a concise diagnostic radiology report
  5. Communicate effectively with referring physicians, house-staff, and patients
  6. Obtain relevant patient history from electronic records, dictated reports, and/or by communicating with referring clinicians.
  7. Understand the appropriate indications for a chest CT and be able to advise referring physicians as to its appropriate use
  8. Be able to protocol chest CT examinations appropriately
  9. Understand technical imaging standards, such as proper patient positioning, for all chest examinations
  10. Be able to recognize and communicate any problems with study quality (including problems with general image quality and with technical performance of examinations)



  • Protocol all chest CT cases 4 weeks ahead of time. Please direct any protocol questions to the attending.
  • Protocol guidelines can be found here under the Chest section. 
  • Check the protocol list when you come in at 8 am for any added cases. Throughout the day, you should periodically check the protocol list for any added ED or inpatient cases.


  • Use the structured templates. Standardized dictation templates are available under "MSW" in Powerscribe. 
  • Ensure the DLP radiation dosage is reported for all CT cases.
  • Pre-dictate all studies as follows:
    • West: Morningside, West, and Chelsea Cancer Center
    • BI: BI, Downtown Union Square (PH), Brooklyn (KH) for chest CTs. BI inpatient and Downtown Union Square (PH) for chest and abdominal x-rays.All outpatient exams QC'ed and verified by 3 pm should be dictated.
    • All inpatient/ED exams verified by 3:45pm should be dictated.
Prioritize scans ordered by the following: " MDs Wissam Raad and Daniel Nicastri or NPs Geetika Arora and Karina Aloferdova" for interpretation.



RSNA Expert Consensus Statement on Reporting Chest CT Findings Related to COVID-19